• Rosacea Cream

Did you know there are 4 different types of rosacea?

Neither did I until I was diagnosed with rosacea a few years back.  

I started researching remedies (I didn't like the dr's option of antibiotics for life :0  )

With 3 different trials under my belt, I'm finally happy with this result.

It has lavender infused aloe, castor oil infused with green tea, chamomile and comfrey, rosehip oil, tamanu, oatmeal oil, evening primrose oil and beeswax.  Also using tea tree, camphor, and helichrysum essential oils to complete the recipe.

Apply to the areas on the face (I met one person that had it all over her arms) or wherever the issues are. It's going to take out the redness and the pain with the blisters.  Apply as needed and as often as you feel comfortable to use it.  

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Rosacea Cream

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