• Hot and Cold Packs

Cotton, flannel, or fleece. You get to decide which material fits your needs.

They are filled with Cherry Pits, yes, Cherry pits!  The process the seed goes through kills the growth of it, and it becomes a wood-like material.  You would think that it's hard and feels lumpy.  Nope,  you'll fall in love with how well they work and how they feel.  

*special needs parents/caregivers* these bags are very tactile, and sound similar to rain sticks.  Since they're washable, they can be chewed on (keep checking for holes) which gives another sensory option.

These can go in the freezer or the microwave.  If you plan to use both ways, I strongly suggest to buy one for each.  That way you have the frozen one when you need the cold!

To use:  Microwave, *Fleece will burn in the microwave

                                     Cherry pits warm up more quickly than other heating pads

                           With this information, please start with small increments to heat your cherry pit bag, Once you reach that magic hot spot,  you can add the numbers up and heat it at that rate every time. Unless you use a different microwave (such as work, a friend's, house, etc) you'll have to go through the process again.

                Freezer, put in a zippered plastic bag to keep the smells out and use as needed.  Make sure to return to the freezer!  :D

Now, with all of these type of bags, they will smell.  Cherry pits included (think skin's oils, dirt, dust mites, all being cooked, or freezer smells).  BUT, with cherry pit bags, you can wash them!  Yes, I said it, Wash them, as throw in the washing machine, and then, yes, follow through, you can throw  them in the dryer (if you're going to use for cold, just put back in the freezer wet, you'll have that extra cold going on!)

Okay, that's how to use them.

Now to order.  

Many ways, we can play phone tag.  You can tell me sizing that you want, which type of material and ideas on what you want the fabric to look like.  

319-464-5198, call me, or text and we can get this started.  Or email me dabbbscanlan@yahoo.com

Don't use the email on this site, It goes to never never land and is never seen again.  Please contact me by the two above options.

Come in variable shapes, sizes, and patterns - please let me know what you are looking for! 

If you have a fabric you want to have one made out of please let me know.

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Hot and Cold Packs

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