Sore Muscle Lotion

Just find somebody to help ease those sore muscles. Made with Emu Oil, shea butter, and castor oil with White Thyme EO, Wintergreen EO and Black Pepper EO

My sore muscle lotion helps with muscle cramps and the night-time leg cramps.  This sore muscle lotion is made with shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and emu oil with natural golden beeswax.  The essential oils make it smell like the old fashioned liniment, but has something the old fashioned stuff didn’t, it has black pepper essential oil to give it some heat, the winter green for the cooling effect and the healing thyme essential oil helping with cramps and muscular aches.  Vitamin E is the only preservative for this all natural product.

Notes I've recieved:  "Angela, thank you so much for the sore muscle cream!  It worked immediately! " Mrs. J, NE Iowa

"Dear Angela, Thank you so much for sending the lotions.  My mother has been in a lot of pain and your sore muscle lotion has given her some comfort. Bless you and your work."  Marsha, Iowa

Sore Muscle Lotion - 1/2 oz.

Sore Muscle Lotion - 1/2 oz.

I can't tell you how quickly this works!  It's a staple in our house.  It gets used for mu..


Sore Muscle Lotion - 2 oz.
Sore Muscle Lotion - 4 oz.
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