Skin Soothers


These products were created to help skin problems.  

Severely dry skin,

itchy, crusty eczema skin,  

arthritic pain,

sore muscles,

radiation burns, sunburns.  

There also are some oils that help other issues,

such as nail fungus,

stress or anxiety and

to help prevent head lice.  

All are made with natural ingredients and many are organic.  My testers have been family and friends.  If there was a negative comment, more testers were added to see if the same issue persisted. At that time, it either became a Windy Ridge product or it became a failed project waiting to try another day.


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Headache Roller
I had been asked often enough to make something for headaches.  I came up with this product ..
Headache Roller without Rosemary
This product is similar to the Headache roller, but it does not contain Rosemary. It is geared to..
Cools the flesh of heat ..
Cools the flesh of heat ..
Neuropathy Cream
An all natural cream made to help with the tingling in the feet and hands.  Tingling or pain..
No Itch Cream
No Itch Stick
Takes care of itches in general, has been tried, and worked on bug bites, jelly fish stings, shin..
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